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Legal matters involving commercial real estate can be particularly difficult to navigate, especially if one isn’t familiar with the complex real estate laws and regulations in Illinois & Wisconsin. When it comes to matters involving investments as significant as real estate, you should not move forward without the aid of a skilled legal professional.

At The Law Offices of Laura D. Frye Ltd., we help clients with the range of real estate matters, including the purchase and sale of commercial property, easements, leasing, lease administration, municipal land entitlements and more. Based in Gurnee, IL.the Law Offices of Laura D. Frye Ltd. has established itself as a reliable and effective commercial real estate office who help their clients get the results that they need.

Purchasing and maintaining commercial real estate is a high-risk, high-yield venture. While there is a great deal of profit to be made in the real estate market, there are also many liabilities that you will need to face. Keen legal expertise is vital when purchasing, selling, operating, and developing commercial property. In addition, an in-depth knowledge of real estate matters is also vital.

The Law Offices of Laura D. Frye Ltd. can provide you with experience in both real estate and legal matters. We can advise you on the various complexities of purchasing, utilizing, and selling real estate as we assist with document and contract drafting, financing, development and zoning law compliance, and other items as we help you minimize the risks involved in these ventures.

Acquisition, Disposition, and Financing

Real estate purchases and sales are heavily regulated by various federal and state laws. In addition, obtaining financing for a real estate acquisition may also present some legal concerns, especially if you have little experience in this area. Laura D. Frye has experience dealing with real estate acquisition, disposition, and financing matters, and she can provide you with sound guidance throughout the process.

Negotiating and drafting agreements is central to real estate transactions. To ensure that a contract is iron-clad in nature, you need someone with legal experience to look it over.  Laura D. Frye can help you negotiate and write up agreements that will hold up in the eyes of the law and ultimately protect your investments.

Condominium and Community Associations

Condominium and community associations must have a solid foundation in order to be effective. Otherwise, without the proper documentation and legal backing, the association may face a number of disputes and litigation cases that can be expensive to resolve. In addition, those purchasing or investing in condominiums and other community property should be well aware of the rules and bylaws set forth by these associations.

Commercial Leasing & Property Management

The liabilities inherent in leasing and managing property are almost too many to count, given that you have risks posed not only by your tenants, but also by their guests, your neighbors, and anyone who happens to be passing by. Your management and leasing practices need to be well established within legal limitations. In addition, you need access to sound dispute resolution services in the event that someone pursues charges against you.

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